It’s Almost Valentine’s Day…ahhh!

OK…so when it comes to holidays I’m guilty of procrastinating and Valentine’s day is not exception. Plus, if you have grade school aged children, the mad & sweaty dash to find just enough of the TV or movie character cards with the generic BE MINE message can be daunting and (may I say) BORING!

So before wishing cupid strikes you in the head to release you of the misery, (sorry I went a little dark for a second) I’ve narrowed down some Valentine’s Day creations you can print from the comforts of your home!

Oh, I forgot to mention these items are available year round. So you don’t have to worry about getting just enough conversation box candies or heart chocolates these guys are always on stock! SCORE & BOOM!

A quick update: The day after I posted these V-day projects the Today Show aired a segment on some similar crafts. See if you can find the one I posted here! 

Today Show Valentine’s Day Craft Segement

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! XOXO

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